Sierra Stages 2019 FLEX PASS

With our FLEX PASS, you get three (3) tickets to be used any way you like for our 2019 Season: You may use your tickets to see all three (3) shows, any two (2) shows, or just one (1) show. You may select performance dates and seats immediately upon purchasing the FLEX PASS or you may wait until you know which performance dates work best with your schedule.

Note that our 2019 season includes the black comedy “Hand to God” – a play that some of our audience members may want to skip if they are easily offended by raw language, adult and sexual situations, unconventional religious themes, and violence. With the FLEX PASS, you may choose to skip “Hand to God” and use your three (3) tickets for one or both of our other shows: “Cabaret” and “You’re Gonna Love Tomorrow”.

For our 2019 Season, we again offer ALL RESERVED SEATING at the Nevada Theatre and again have two different ticket prices for seating toward the front (rows A-H) and seating toward the rear (rows J-O). Seating at the Off Center Stage will be both RESERVED and General Admission. FLEX PASS holders are able to book RESERVED SEATS in either section of the Nevada Theatre and at the Off Center Stage.

When you purchase the FLEX PASS, you will receive a “Coupon Code(s)” that you may use to book your own tickets online at your convenience. If you prefer not to book your own tickets online or if you have questions or need any assistance, you may always call us at 530.346.3210 or email us at We are happy to take phone orders for the FLEX PASS, book tickets using the FLEX PASS, and help you in any way that we can.

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Sierra Stages 2019 FLEX PASS

2019 Flex Pass


As you may know, ticket sales do not cover all of our expenses. Please consider becoming a 2019 Sierra Stages Member (beginning at $50) or 2019 Season Sponsor (beginning at $250). Check out our website for more Information. Thank you!

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